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Direct Mail

Super affordable program for marketing your funeral home using direct mail

Direct mail for small and medium size funeral homes has usually been difficult for two reasons

It's expensive to send thousands of pieces at one time

It's hard to follow up on a bunch of leads at one time

Sending out smaller amounts on a monthly basis is a better solution

  • It's easier to afford a smaller amount each month than a large bill.
  • Easier to follow up on leads. The leads trickle in which gives you time to keep up with them.
  • You can change the message any time

How it Works

1. You choose the zip codes, age requirements and type of mailer you want us to send.

2. You choose the amount to send monthly.

3. We print, send and track your mailers and email you as leads are returned.

We track everything

Want to see how things are working? Just log in to your account and see how things are shaping up. You can see mailers sent and received and you can even set a reminder to follow up with a lead.