Tools that help you start more conversations about preplanning

Email Marketing for Funeral Homes

Hands down, email is the most cost effective way to reach families today.

Your Email Newsletter includes:

  • Original content & articles just for your funeral home
  • Helpful tools for families facing end-of-life issues
  • Preplanning information
  • In memory - list of obituaries and families served in the last month
  • Upcoming events - Promote any events at your funeral home or in your area

We take care of everything. 100%

Everything is done for you from design to delivery to tracking how many people read the email.

We help build your mailing list

Don’t worry if you don’t have a big email list, or any list at all. We help you start and grow your list with sign up forms on your website and other places where families can opt-in to receive your newsletter.

5 Reasons Email Marketing is so important for funeral homes

  • 1. Email is the best way to reach customers on mobile
  • 2. It is more effective than social media (80% of what you post on social media will never been seen)
  • 3. It is inexpensive
  • 4. You can see exactly who read your message
  • 5. Consistent branding by providing helpful content